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JACS21 Newly Designed Home in Portugal

JACS21 knows that every project is unique, and we have the knowledge and network to help you achieve your dream home no matter what stage you're in - either starting from scratch or renovating an existing project.
JACS21 Services Include:


  • Architectural Services

  • Architectural and Engineering

  • Build

  • Design 

  • Golden Visa

  • Renovation

  • Reconstruction

  • Residency

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Our Values

Design and Build Your Dream in Portugal

Whether you are renovating a home or interested in building your dream home in Portugal, JACS21 is your trusted partner to help make the process efficient and enjoyable.  

We facilitate siting/locating, designing, and building your dream home in Portugal.


Design inspiration of a front entry way remodel in Portugal.

JACS21 has a  positive teamwork approach, and our goal is to create an enjoyable experience with our clients when renovating or building their dream home.  Our founder understands the challenges of building a new home in Portugal  and is committed not only to design, build and/or renovation projects but to do it ethically, professionally, and through ongoing communication to the client.
 Among other experiences, the JACS21 founder is a part-time instructor of ethics and law.  He aims for our clients to become our friends when the project is done…if not sooner…, and for them to refer more clients to us.  We seek the same approach with our local service providers.  We think this simply is the better way to work, and the better way to live.

Careful Design, Great Results

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