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Why Portugal?

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Portugal is an exceptionally wonderful country. Its people are friendly and welcoming; it is the third safest country in the world; has excellent medical care; fast internet service; a sunny, warm and mild climate; some of the best beaches anywhere; fresh and varied food; and a diversity of cities, towns, hamlets and islands. Environments range from cosmopolitan cities with diverse expat populations (Lisboa and Porto) to villages amidst working fields, as well as beach towns with both seasonal and year-round activities. As a location, Portugal affords telecommuting opportunities as well as access to the entire European Union. It has convenient airline connections with most major cities throughout the world including North and South America. It is hard to think of a better place to live (and/or work locally or remotely).

Some people choose to rent, some to buy, and others to custom-renovate an existing building or to design a new home of their own expression. This may be true for a residence or a commercial building. Whether you want to have a second home, a full-time one, or a commercial building, We Are Here To Help You.

Persons interested in building in Portugal include those who want to invest, to start or expand a business, as well as those who want to live a more tranquil, leisurely but still high-quality lifestyle. They also include persons concerned about political or social situations in their current country, and of course persons of Portuguese heritage who want to return or have a second home in Portugal – often persons who have inherited a family estate and want to modernize it. Likewise there are investors seeking a Golden Visa or who just want to take advantage of the growing economy. Our contacts include investment, legal, financial and travel professionals. We are here to help.

JACS21 - House view in Portugal.

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