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Our services are a broad range of connections and abilities to get your job done.  Here is a listing and short explanation:

Locating and Siting:  for clients who do not yet have a location or property, JACS21 will help determine which areas of the country best suit your desires.  Then we connect you with location companies or site owners for discussion of specific sites. 

Style:  Once you select a site, we then also assist with general design styles and, importantly, location of the style with the specific site.  Key considerations include sunrise and sunset points, amount of sunlight and where it is most desired, windward elements, hillside or flat site surface areas, indoor and outdoor living spaces and so on.​

Architectural Design:  The next phase is to engage an architect, discuss what the client wants in a project, and begin the design process on paper, then engage in a review and comment process, and then finalize.  This process also should include an engineer to make sure structural, strength, foundational, and materials issues are considered.  The key is to make as many early decisions as possible in order to make sure you get what you want and also avoid basic changes later on.

Licensing and Permitting:  The plans then need to be submitted to the municipal building office for approval.  Small changes can be made later on, but the key design and structural components have to be included. 


Reconstruction or Renovation:  For projects where you already have the site and/or building but want to undertake a reconstruction or major renovation, we follow the same process of Design and Licensing and Permitting. 

Construction:  Simultaneously with the Design process we will be considering which companies may be good candidates for the construction work.  This is important because we want builders that are trustworthy, have good reputations, are suitable for your particular type of project, and have the staffing to complete the job with top quality.


Contracting: Among the key aspects is also negotiating a contract.  Certain sections of language and understanding are key to motivate the contractor.  We have experience with this and can help with the process directly. 


Outdoor Spaces:  The weather in Portugal is a delight and we advise to create outdoor spaces and features to take advantage of it.  A covered patio or lean-to with a grill, a fountain for a splash of freshness on hot days, a pool, gardens, olive and other trees, cobblestoned driveway or walkway, stone or carved wood benches and more all provide an array of possible features to choose from. The goal is to fit your desired lifestyle and choose features that fit in with the local environment.​


Interior Design:  While we do not ourselves provide this service directly we are happy to connect you with expert interior designers.

Golden Visa and Residency:  Portugal has a highly advantageous Golden Visa program that once fully triggered, provides access to all of the European Union both for the individual applicant and for their immediate family.  We are happy to identify reputable firms that perform this type of work.


Whether you want home improvements or to build new, choose the right category below that best fits your needs, and let's have a conversation. If you are not sure which category to choose, choose one to start a conversation. We are excited to help you design and build your dream!


Residential design inspiration in Portugal - Jacs21


Commercial design inspiration in Portugal - JACS21


Interior design inspiration in Portugal - Jacs21
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