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About Us

JACS21 is based in Portugal and the United States and maintains an extensive network of providers in Portugal.  We started as the result of our founder’s experience remodeling a home in central Portugal.  At first he encountered a system of delays and non-starts – he had some wrong team members and lacked sufficient local presence because he was not able to travel frequently to Portugal or the job site. Then he learned the right way to do it:  form a strong team of local providers, negotiate contracts with specific clauses, offer the opportunity of repeat business, and provide frequent local oversight.  The result is strong teamwork resulting in a beautiful, high-quality and comfortable home overlooking a verdant valley.  
Our founder and his family are happy they did it!  Following the initial problems and finding the right solutions, JACS21 was founded to create efficient and effective solutions for others wanting to remodel, to locate and site, reconstruct, design and build a home or building in Portugal.

Newly designed and built home in Portugal

A rendering of a reconstructed home designed and managed by JACS21 showing a blend of contemporary and traditional style.

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